Free Oklahoma Divorce Forms in PDF Format

oklahoma divorce forms

If you decide to file for divorce in Oklahoma without a lawyer, you will have to take time to prepare the divorce forms yourself. This article will help you navigate this journey with more confidence and awareness of the Oklahoma family court forms and how they are used.

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Preparing for a do-it-yourself divorce in Oklahoma, you need to understand that not all of the forms you require will be available online. Some may also not be suitable for your family situation. For instance, there are separate Oklahoma divorce forms with minor children and separate versions of common forms, such as the Petition, specifically for parents. Below, you will find a description and basic information about the most common Oklahoma family court forms that you will most likely have to file.  

The Petition for Dissolution of Marriage

A divorce petition is the main form that a person initiating divorce – a petitioner, should file with the court. Filing this document means that you are starting the process of marriage dissolution.

The Petition covers all the basic details about your marriage. It includes the date when you were wed, the separation date, names of documents where your agreements will be outlined, etc. In this form, you also confirm that you are a state resident, which is an important condition to meet before initiating the process.

Note that there are two different Petitions for those who have children and those who don’t. Review all the fields in the form you have chosen to make sure you have the right one.

The Summons

This form is served to the second party in the divorce case – a defendant – by a person eligible to deliver the paperwork. The document includes the information that a divorce case has been initiated. It also states that the defendant has 20 days to provide the answer and what would happen if they fail to respond. Summons also includes several provision that both petitioner and defendant must carefully review and comply with.

The Civil Cover Sheet

Civil Cover Sheet is a short form that requires filling out the following information:

  • Type of case
  • Information about attorneys who are involved in the process, if any
  • Information about both spouses (names, addresses, contacts, SSN, etc.)
  • How the form will be served on the defendant

Such a Cover Sheet gives a court you’re filing at some essential information about your case.

The Decree

A divorce decree is a document that includes all the agreements you have made with your spouse concerning your children, property, debts, alimony, etc. The same as with Petition, there are two types of Decrees – for divorce with and without children. When this document is signed by the judge, your divorce, as well as your agreements, are considered final.

Other Additional Forms

The above forms are the most common papers that are filed by all spouses. Of course, you will need to collect more forms. The total number depends on the details of your divorce. For example, if you have children, you will have to present a Joint Custody Plan. You can figure out what should constitute your packet of forms with the help of a lawyer or on your own if you cannot afford to hire an attorney.

Prepare Forms for Uncontested Divorce Online

As soon as you find and download your forms, you will have to be very careful with your next steps. Read all the questions, gather the information that you need to fill out, and make sure you understand the questions before answering them. The court will not accept paperwork with inconsistencies or mistakes. If you are not ready to take the risk, you can complete Oklahoma divorce papers online with the help of our service.

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