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Get your divorce papers for an uncontested marriage termination and apply for a divorce online in Oklahoma without the need to hire a lawyer.

Complete Oklahoma Divorce Papers Online

Oklahoma online divorce service is a useful tool that helps couples prepare legal divorce forms for their uncontested marriage dissolution.

Filing for divorce in Oklahoma online is suitable for cases where spouses have reached an agreement on the property division, child custody, support, visitation, etc. This way, they can dissolve a marriage without costly and expensive litigation and exhausting court battles, which are usually unavoidable in contested cases. Besides, by using our service and applying for an uncontested divorce, you can prepare documents quickly and without paying a high lawyer’s fee for help with the paperwork.

With our service, the required Oklahoma uncontested divorce forms will be ready in a few days after you complete the questionnaire. We will make sure you get:

  • court-approved papers prepared based on your case details,
  • convenient filing instructions to simplify the filing stage,
  • limitless revisions till your subscription is active.
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What Oklahoma Divorce Forms Do I Need To Prepare?

The forms required for divorce may differ depending on whether spouses have minor children, if there are many assets to divide, etc. Mandatory divorce paperwork in Oklahoma usually includes:

Domestic Relations Cover Sheet;
Petition for Divorce;
Marital Settlement Agreement;
Entry of Appearance and Waiver of Service.

This set of forms is not final and will depend on your divorce case. Using our service, you will get child-related forms at no additional fee. If you complete the questionnaire properly, you will get error-free documents specific to your case.

How It Works?

File for Divorce in Oklahoma Online in 3 Simple Steps


Provide answers to a few simple questions to see if your case is uncontested and if online divorce is a suitable option for you.


If you qualify for an uncontested divorce, proceed with the payment and move to the main questionnaire. Complete it attentively, answering each question of the different subsections related to your personal information, property, finances, children, etc. Submit your answers and wait for our notification that your divorce packet online is ready.


Download the filled-out forms from your profile. Check if all information is presented correctly. Read the filing instructions, and sign and notarize the forms if required. Submit your divorce documents to the court.

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Quick & Easy Solution for Filing a Divorce

With our service, a couple can get a divorce online, no matter if they have children or property to be divided.

Our package includes the full set of forms required for your case and instructions that will help you throughout the filing stage of the divorce process.​ We offer our clients:

Compare Your Options for Divorce in Oklahoma

divorce with a lawyer option

Divorce With a Lawyer

If you consider the involvement of legal representatives in your divorce, pay attention to the possible consequences.

  • High price for attorney services, which is calculated for each hour of legal representation.
  • Delays in the process due to the busy lawyer’s schedule.
  • Unforeseen expenses as an uncontested case may even become a contested one.
  • High level of stress due to potential legal battles.
online divorce option

Online Divorce in Oklahoma

It is a convenient way to start your uncontested divorce. With our service, you will receive:

  • 24/7 help from professional customer support agents.
  • Ability to prepare documents from any device.
  • Mandatory list of forms ready in a few days.
  • Possibility to edit documents if necessary.
  • Clear and helpful instructions for filing.
  • No hidden expenses.
do-it-yourself divorce option

Do-It-Yourself Divorce

Self-representation in court is a cheap but often complicated way to file for divorce, especially if a couple does not have legal experience.

  • Lack of clear understanding of how to act and what documents to prepare.
  • An extended period for the preparation of forms.
  • The possibility of making mistakes in legal papers.
  • Delays in court proceedings due to the potential disputed issues.
  • Disagreement with the divorce outcome.

Why Choose Oklahoma Divorce Online?

Convenient Tool for Document Preparation

With our modern technology for form preparation and an understandable questionnaire that is easy to navigate, you can get the necessary documents for an easy divorce in Oklahoma.

Court-Approved Legal Forms

Documents provided by our service meet the current legislative requirements and are prepared for your specific divorce case.

No Hidden Fees

If you want to get a cheap uncontested divorce in Oklahoma, take advantage of our affordable prices for a complete set of divorce forms. You will get detailed filing instructions at no additional fee.

24/7 Divorce Help Online

Our support agents work round the clock so that you can get answers to all your questions concerning completing the questionnaire and other aspects of our online service promptly.

Efficient and Easy Procedure

Fast online divorce becomes possible with our service, which allows you to fill out the questionnaire from any device and place and receive ready-made forms in a few days.

Free Child-Related Forms

If you file for divorce with kids, you can still turn to our help and get child-related documents without the need to pay additionally; you will get all your forms at a set fee.

What Our Customers Are Saying

We proudly present the valuable feedback and testimonials shared by those who have experienced our exceptional services.

jack brown
"Thanks to the service, I was able to file for divorce quickly and easily. It has easy navigation and a clear website interface. It took me less than an hour to complete the questionnaire."
Jack N. Brown
michelle davis
"When I decided to file for divorce, my main request was to save money and receive documents shortly. This website met my expectations. In just 3 days, I was ready to start my divorce. Besides, their prices are quite reasonable."
Michelle O. Davis
george jones
"Your service helped me to get divorce paperwork online while out of town, which saved me a lot of time. In addition, I received all the necessary documents for my case and avoided the tiresome preparation of paperwork which I hate."
George L. Jones
pierre hilley
"The customer service I received was exceptional, with prompt assistance available at every step to guide me through the complex divorce process. Their support and expertise made a challenging situation much more manageable."
Pierre M. Hilley

Commonly Asked Questions

Yes, online divorce is legal in Oklahoma. Our service guarantees that you will receive court-approved forms which are up-to-date with legal requirements.

To start an online divorce, you should complete the online questionnaire, download the forms, check the filing instructions provided, and file your papers with the court.

The divorce process can take anywhere from a few weeks to three months and more, depending on whether spouses have children, if there are contentious issues to resolve, and if the court has a busy schedule.

The total divorce cost includes the payment for online forms preparation and the state filing fee. On average, you will have to pay from $380 to $450.